Our Myth & Dreams

02nd Nov 2018

Sun & Moon

10th May 2015

Smell The Grass

10th May 2015

Vivian Girls

As he walked down the street people stared down at their feet...

09th May 2015


In this cold naked pass The grieving of our leaving Your trembling...

30th Jun 2015

Thank You

When I’m stumbling through night’s thorny weeds When the moonlight can’t penetrate my...

28th Aug 2016

We Were Never Kings

When the last selfish cry And the rotting smell of pride No...

23rd Aug 2017

But a Dream

All that we see or seem is a dream within a dream...

05th Feb 2016

Let Me Walk Away

Let your mind wash away the day Let the day just pass...

30th Mar 2015


Young Boy You can hide Pull the covers over your eyes That’s...

10th May 2015

The Price You Pay

We have to admit We told some lies To keep our hearts...

16th May 2016

Desire (Literally means “of the father”)

Desire (Literally means “of the father”) Spring cracks the ice of the...

20th Apr 2015


Did the world look brand new? You were doing things people dream...